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Our Patients Testimonials

  • I started chiropractic care mainly because my lower back hurts; I couldn’t sit, couldn’t walk and had poor sleep. Under Dr Brian’s care, my back pain was gone. More importantly, after 2 weeks of adjustments, the symptom which I have been suffering since 30+ of age, it was completely resolved! It was a miracle indeed! I couldn’t walk far without feeling breathlessness. Even just walking to the bus stop, I had to take tiny steps and walked as though I’m 80 year old, which caused my friends to teased me. Chiropractic not only healed my breathing difficulties, and walking steadily, I can even climb the stairs now! My whole family has been under care for more than 4 years already. We are grateful to Dr Brian and his team for taking care of us. Thank you, Dr Brian.

    Mdm Lam & Family Lower Back Injuries
  • I was suffering from neck pain, shoudler stiffness, hip & knee pain was so bad that I could barely walk to the market, not to mention walking long distance. I already had a knee cap replacement surgery done and not keen to go for another surgery since it didn’t help improved my condition. My daughter and family has been under Dr Brian’s care; and so they insisted that I start chiropractic care with them as well. After 16 weeks of treatment, my neck pain & shoulder stiffness were gone, hip and knee pain improved, and I can walk with a steadier gait. I can walk to the market with much ease. I’m in my 3rd year of care and still getting my adjustments done twice a week, to maintain mobility, flexibility and strength for the body. I can smile now and I feel younger! I can enjoy family time with my children and grandchildren, and that’s a great feeling, indeed!

    Mr Chan & Family Scoliosis Patient
  • My family and I have been going for chiropractic care for the last 9 years. In the time that we have come to know Dr Brian and his team about 7 years ago, we have grown to love his unique approach to help everyone of us understand his philosophy of health and making more natural choices for our own health care. Over the years, we have seen great changes to our postures and overall health and fitness level. Amongst the 8 chiropractors that have adjusted us, Dr Brian and Dr Katie are the best! We highly recommmend them for sprains and strains relief, on top of the regular adjustments.

    Mr Kelvin & Family Postures
  • I first walked into Kirolounge in the most unglamorous manner you could image; back facing the ceiling, and tilting to the left. Note: I am only 31 years old with the posture of an 80 year old. I suffered from lower back ache since 2007 and I’ve learnt to live with the pain ever since. However I had a serious attack on the 6th Dec 2012 and I’ve decided it is time to rectify my problem since no amount of tiger balm plaster or TCM has helped. I have read thoroughly about Chiropractic before deciding to visit one. A close friend of mine has been a firm believer of Kirolounge and without a doubt, I visited Kirolounge on 8th Dec 2012. I went with the intention to invest the time and effort to fix the root of my problem. To my greatest surprise, I actually manage to stand straight the minute I finished my first session. I was probably one of the rare few who has seen such tremendous results immediately. My pain was 30% relieved then. I have completed my 3rd session last week, and I am 90% relieved from pain. A change to my bad standing and sitting habits definitely attributes to the change. However no one can make the change in you until you are willing to help yourself take the first step.

    Ms C Chan Postures
  • I was suffering from high blood pressure, stiff neck and occasional insomnia. After 6 months of chiropractic care, my blood pressure was well controlled and medication dosage has reduced since. I also have better rotation in neck area and able to sleep better at night as well. My children have experienced more energy and better concentration in their studies, since started care. We are in our 2nd year of care as we understand the importance of maintaining good posture and thus enabling proper nerve supply for our body to function better and enhance healing and overall well being.

    Mrs V Liaw High Blood Pressure
  • I have experienced less aches and pain in my shoulders and headaches since I started getting adjustments in Kirolounge. My lower back pain has completely resolved and not recurred for the last one and a half years. I was also able to sleep better throughout the night without getting any sleep disruption due to pain and discomfort. It has greatly improved the flexibility and rotation in my neck area as I used to experience stiffness in my neck from working long hours in front of the computer. I also participated in Kiro Living events where I learned the important of movement and exercises, health education workshops, the fun!

    Mr C M Liaw Shoulders & Headaches
  • In short, I benefited tremendously from 'kiro'practic care, with my hypertension cured and palpitations are now something of the past! Love this process of 'passive' health, where all I need to do is just lie down and get adjusted for better health!

    Mr Nicholas Chia Health Wellness
  • I suffered from persistent shoulder, neck and lower back aches that never seems to go away. However, the benefits that I received from Kirolounge is lesser pain and improvements in sleeping habits. I also learnt about the importance of having a healthy diet and exercise to keep my spine in good shape. I feel very comfortable at Kirolounge due to its warmth and good hospitality.

    Ms Fiona Lim & Friends Shoulder, Neck & Lower Back Pain
  • I was not able to raise my right shoulder at all due to the pain in my right arm, causing me to not be able to carry my son since he was born. My stiff neck further restrained my rotation and movements. However, after coming in for several adjustments, I was able to lift my child with reduced pain in my right arm and reduced stiffness in my neck area. I would say overall, there were nice improvements. I am able to enjoy more bonding time with my son which is truly great.

    Mr V Kumar Right Shoulder Pain
  • My son, Duane, introduced me to chiropractic. He started seeing a chiropractor because of lower back pain and numbness in his leg, even though he’s only in his early twenties. He has seen great improvements in his symptoms and continued care for the last 5 years. After starting my adjustments, I noticed improvements in my knees as there were great reduction in the pain I used to experience. I am also more energetic than before. This helps me to remain active at work and enjoy independent living.

    Mdm Camelita & Duane Lower Back Pain & Leg Numbness
  • Thanks to Dr. Brian and his team of chiropractors, my sister and I have a brand new perspective of health…We’ve been chiropractic patients before, but Dr. Brian’s 3 step approach is easy to do and truly effective. The best part, it has helped improve our health 1000%! My sister no longer has vertigo, headaches, or neck pain; and my blood pressure and breathing issues have improved dramatically. We’re into our 3rd year of care @ Kirolounge & truly enjoyed their Kiro Living events very much.

    Ms S L Lee & Ms S F Lee
  • My children started getting adjusted as they used to fall sick frequently. After 2 months, we’ve seen tremendous results in their health. That got me started chiropractic care, for my neck and back aches, tiredness & fatigue. Seeing the great results I was able to achieve, my wife and parents in law also joined the Kirolounge family. We’ve all experienced great health improvements with better postures, stronger immune systems, and able to enjoy family time. We are in our 3rd year of care program. Kiro Living has made movement and exercise so much more fun & interesting, while we reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

    Mr J P Shang & Family Neck, Back Pan & Fatigue
  • I was suffering from chronic neck pain and low back pain, and this has affected my exercise regime. What I benefit from chiropractic adjustments is not only symptomatic relief, but more energy, more flexibility, more strength for the body. My wife also enjoyed the adjustments as it brought her better sleep and better able to cope with stress. We also recover faster from muscle fatigue after workout and sports. What we like most about chiropractic is that everything is natural, simply done by hands, no drugs or medication or surgery.

    Sam & Ivan Chronic Neck Pain & Lower Back Pain
  • "I'm expecting my fourth child and started chiropractic pregnancy care when I was four months along. I'm now in my seventh month and am really feeling the difference from my twice weekly adjustments with Dr Katie. The adjustments relieve a lot of the stiffness I feel from the weight of the pregnancy, the changes to my body and posture, and from my sitting down all day at work. In my previous pregnancies, I used to have shooting pains in my hips, inner thighs and buttocks, and as my pregnancy progressed, would feel that my pelvis was loose and couldn't support my weight. Under Dr Katie's care, these symptoms have been minimised a great deal, and I feel a lot more stable and supported. The shooting pains are non-existent and I have a better range of movement – even in my last trimester. What's more, I really appreciate that Dr Katie takes time and care at every adjustment. I know I'm well taken care of." – Penelope Chan

    Penelope and Timothy Pregnancy Chiropractic
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