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Pregnancy Insomnia

Pregnant women often experience insomnia. They may find it hard to fall asleep and stay asleep, even in cases where they are really exhausted. The good news is that there are a few things that you can do or use to make it easier for you to fall asleep.

Causes of Insomnia During Pregnancy

Whether you’re experiencing anxiety or you’re just worried or excited, this can make it impossible for you to sleep. As a result, you may be uncomfortable physically; you could be having backaches, constipation or tender breasts, all of which can cause pregnancy insomnia.

In addition, your unborn baby could be making movements in the tummy that can also  make it hard for you to catch some sleep.

Lastly, it’s common for them to experience frequent urination which can cause insomnia.

How to Get Yourself to Sleep During Pregnancy

  • Visit your chiropractor if you have any symptoms that are contributing to the inability to sleep. This could include backache, sinus congestion or carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • It’s important to remember that insomnia in pregnancy is quite common and doesn’t harm your unborn child.
  • Try and take a nap even during the day; this will help to compensate on sleep that you may have lost during the night.
  • Try and do work that isn’t strenuous to your body, especially your back; you could opt to shop online as opposed to going to the supermarkets.
  • Try and do gentle exercises such as swimming, walking or gentle relaxation exercises.
  • Ensure that your bedroom is well ventilated and that your bed feels comfortable.
  • Avoid taking caffeinated drinks close to bed time as this will only make it harder for you to get any sleep


There are also a number of herbal remedies that can help in reducing pregnancy insomnia;

  • Aromatherapy; add essential oils to the water you use for your bath just before bedtime
  • Homeopathy; ensure that you get the homeopath treatment from a qualified practitioner
  • Bach-flower remedies; these remedies helps in easing tension which could be contributing to your insomnia


If you’re finding it hard to get any sleep due to physical discomforts such as backache, then chiropractic treatment can help a great deal. It’s however advisable to consult your ob-gyn to find out if it’s safe for you to get chiropractic treatment.


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