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Lower and Mid-Back Pain

Lower and mid back pain is a common health problem that affects about 90% of adults, globally.

Symptoms of Lower & Mid-Back Pain

Lower and mid back pain is not a disease or disorder, rather a symptom of underlying medical condition. Lower and mid back pain can be triggered by several possible causes such as over-stretching, repetitive movements, twisting awkwardly, lifting heaving objects and prolonged driving. In some cases, the condition may be a result of serious problems such as sciatica, whiplash, frozen shoulder, disc herniation and ankylosing spondylitis.


Some of the common symptoms of lower and mid back pain are:

  • Persistent back or stiffness in the back that restricts standing upright
  • Radiating lower and mid back pain to thigh, buttocks and calf muscles
  • Sharp and throbbing pain in the back while lifting heavy objects
  • Excruciating lower and mid back pain after prolonged sitting or standing


Recommended chiropractic manipulations

Chiropractors are highly specialized to diagnose and treat lower and mid back pain by chiropractic manipulations or adjustments. Upon diagnosis of spine structural misalignment, chiropractors’ employ spinal manipulation/adjustments to improve back pain and physical functions.

When compared to expensive, invasive, painful surgical and medical treatments, manual adjustments are effective and safe treatment for lower and mid back pain.

Home remedies

In certain individuals, home remedies may be helpful to manage lower and mid back pain.

  • Taking vitamin D supplements, omega-3 fatty acids, anti-inflammatory herbs such as bromelain, ginger, curcumin may be helpful.
  • Sitting in chair with proper lumbar support.
  • Maintaining optimal body weight
  • Switching sitting position often
  • Maintaining good ergonomic position while working in computers.
  • Moving around instead of sitting tight for longer periods.
  • Quit smoking
  • Drinking plenty fluids to improve inter-vertebral disk lubrication and stiffness.



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