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Persistent Lower Back Pain

Persistent low back pain is a warning sign that should not be ignored

Common Symptoms of Persistent Lower Back Pain

Persistent back pain occurs due to several causes including poor posture, sedentary lifestyle, sleeping in too soft or too hard bed, bike or car accidents, sports injuries, lifting heavy weight objects and falls.


Some of the common symptoms of persistent low back pain are redness, warmth or swelling in the back, fever, headache, morning back stiffness, sleeping problems, fatigue, light sensitivity, localized pain, muscle spasm, inability to move, radiating pain to the legs, buttocks, upper thigh, burning or tingling sensation, numbness, leg weakness and loss of urine and fecal control.

What chiropractors do

An effective chiropractic approach treats the underlying cause of the pain rather than just masking the symptoms. Upon diagnosis of persistent low back pain, gentle adjustments and patient-specific exercises are combined to reduce spinal nerve irritation and joint stiffness. Depending on the cause of persistent low back pain, the chances of complete recovery may be reduced.

Spinal adjustment therapy is the common approach to manage persistent low back pain. Chiropractors use either the hands or a device to apply stimulus onto the affected spinal joint(s). The leverage of the force depends on the patient’s condition and misalignments. Different spinal adjustment techniques such as Diversified or Drop Table techniques are being employed to manage persistent low back pain. However, the procedure and goal of the techniques are the same. These approaches rectify ‘subluxations’ or spine shifts by adjustment procedures to place the misaligned spine in place.

Some chiropractors use spinal mobilization to do gentle, extended movements instead of high-velocity thrusts to treat persistent low back pain. The benefits can be improved by non-medical approaches such as using firm mattress to sleep, heat packs application etc.

Home remedies

  • Keep the sore area cool to reduce inflammation. Apply ice packs to reduce pain and inflammation associated with persistent low back pain
  • If stable, try to start gentle exercises including stability and stretching exercises.



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