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Knee Pain Treatment

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Understanding Knee Pain

The knee is a dynamic joint that allows you to bend and straighten your leg, as well as participate in bearing the weight of the body. Aside from these, the knee also partially rotates and twists, but with today’s active lifestyle, many people are bound to see their doctors for knee pain.

The knee consists of a thigh bone, two leg bones, and the patella, which are held together by strong ligaments. On either side of the knee is a ligament that stabilizes the inner and outer sides of the knee. The front and back parts of the knee are stabilized by the cruciate ligaments. Two large tendons connect the thigh muscles to the leg, which allow you to extend or straighten your leg.

Any injury or disease that affects one or more of the knee parts can cause knee pain. The knees are used in almost any type of movement that involves ambulation and weight bearing. The cartilages that cushion the bones from each other, as well as the tendons and ligaments supporting these functions, are most likely to be injured or damaged from sudden injury or overuse. These can lead to either acute knee pain or constant knee pain, and other symptoms such as knee stiffness and pain. 

Knee Pain Remedies

Rest, ice application, compression, elevation of the leg, and pain medications are knee pain relief tips commonly recommended by doctors. However, if you have severe knee pain, a swollen joint, fever, and tender knee bone pain, it is best to see a knee pain specialist who can recommend appropriate knee pain treatments.

Chiropractic care can help relieve knee pain and restore joint function.  A chiropractor can offer knee pain solutions after examining and evaluating your knee problem. He can also recommend the best exercise for knee pain to strengthen your muscles and improve joint function.



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