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Back Pain

Severe chronic back pain is a common type of pain that affects many around the world

Chronic Back Pain

Severe chronic back pain is often a resort of disease, infection, mechanical problems and injuries. Mechanical problems such as disc degeneration, scoliosis, herniated disk and hump back are the main causatives of severe chronic back pain. In addition, injuries in the ligament, spinal fractures, muscle sprain, arthritis, endometriosis, kidney stones, disc infections, spinal abscesses, tumors of the spine and spinal infections could contribute to severe chronic back pain.


Some of the common symptoms of severe chronic back pain are progressive weakness in your feet or legs, dull but persistent pain, tingling or burning sensation in the back, sometimes sharp pain that radiate to other parts of the body. However, most of the symptoms of severe chronic back pain differ from one person to another. In worst case scenario, the pain may render the individual unable to move.


Recommended chiropractic manipulations

Severe chronic back pain should be treated by a trained chiropractor skilled in spinal adjusting. In most of the cases, consistent visits to chiropractor will help you to manage severe chronic back pain. Research studies demonstrated that manual and spinal manipulations employed by chiropractors are effective for herniated disk and other causes of severe chronic back pain.

  • Manual manipulation and spinal manipulation: The technique involves high-velocity, short-lever arm thrust onto the affected spine to improve nerve functions and pain. The manipulation effectively restores mobility and reduces nerve irritability.
  • Chiropractic mobilization: A technique that involves low-velocity manipulation, stretching and movement of affected muscles/joints to improve mobility.


Home remedies

Severe chronic back pain is a serious, painful, debilitating medical condition that needs timely medical intervention. In most of the cases, home remedies are not useful to alleviate the symptoms. To treat mild symptoms, cold packs or heat application therapy might be helpful. In work places, using back braces to support your back may be helpful to manage severe chronic back pain.




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