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Chiropractic is a healthcare field often sought to treat disorders of nervous and musculoskeletal systems that affects general health. For treatment of musculoskeletal problems such as pain in the joints of legs or arms, back pain and neck pain, chiropractic treatment is the effective and preferred choice.

Chiropractic treatment is performed by Doctors of Chiropractic or chiropractors, who employ manual techniques for diagnosis, treatment and to prevent disorders of the joints, spine, nervous system and pelvis.

Chiropractors are highly skilled to diagnose the cause of the problem by assessment of clinical, physical conditions and laboratory examinations. Based on the diagnosis, the chiropractors’ recommend therapeutic and/or rehabilitative exercises in addition with other complementary/supportive treatments. Chiropractic treatment is a non-invasive approach to the treatment of disorder/disease. Unlike medications which only masks the symptoms, the aim of chiropractic care is to treat the underlying cause(s) using manual adjustments. Chiropractor will readily refer the patient to a more appropriate treatment when chiropractic treatment is unsuitable for patient’s condition.

In persistent pain problems such as lower back pain, chiropractic treatment is the first-line approach to manage the symptoms. Spinal adjustments are the common treatment procedure to restore joint functions in back or neck pain patients.

Chiropractors apply controlled force into the affected joints to correct spinal misalignment as a result of trauma, poor posture etc. The Chiropractic technique adjusts the affected joints, restores mobility, improve pain and muscle tightness and speedup recovery period.

By performing specific chiropractic adjustments in the spine or other parts of the body, experienced and well-trained chiropractors can alleviate pain and its associated problems. The goal of the treatment is to correct spinal misalignment, soothe pain and aid the body to self-heal. Additionally, chiropractor may use other non-medical procedures such electrical stimulations, ice or heat application, dietary supplements and rehabilitative exercises to improve recovery time, and to treat symptoms.


Hear What Our Clients Have To Say
I’m in my third year of care and still getting my adjustments done twice a week, to maintain mobility, flexibility and strength for the body. I can smile now and I feel younger!

88 year young, Retiree

More importantly, after 3 weeks of adjustments, the symptom which I have been suffering since 30+ of age, it has improved tremendously and It was a miracle indeed for me!!
Mdm Tham,

75 years young, Grandparent

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