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Chiropractic Treatment

Back And Neck Pain?
Learn How To Completely Eliminate Pain Using Simple Chiropractic Care Procedures That Aren’t Invasive!


Pain is not a disease or disorder, rather a debilitating symptom of one or more underlying health condition(s) including spondylosis, spinal misalignment, disc herniation (slipped disc), and other bone and joint diseases. Pain disorders are generally classified as acute and chronic depending on the duration of severity.

In most cases, patients will suffer from individual or a combination of symptoms such as: sharp and shooting pain, dull aches, numbness and tingling, warm, burning, or electric like pain, as well as loss of function and paresthesia amongst others. Whatever the symptom, patients report significant reductions in their general health and quality of life. For those suffering from these symptoms, even basic movement becomes remarkably difficult.  Often this prevents them from performing tasks that are necessary for improvement, further reinforcing poor health habits and generation.  

Regardless of the condition, the pain mechanism is same for all these medical problems and should be treated holistically. Doctors of Chiropractic are highly trained and skilled at providing the most natural health improvements without the use of drugs, medication, or surgery.  


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