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Hip Joint Pain

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What Causes Hip Joint Pain

The hip joint is made up of the hip bone, which forms a socket for the ball (head) of the thigh bone. These bones are lined with cartilage to help them glide freely against each other during motion. The hip joint is stabilized by surrounding ligaments that hold the bones in place. Large muscles in the buttocks control the movements of the hip joint. Any of these structures may be injured or damaged from trauma or disease, which can lead to hip joint pain.

Severe hip joint pain can be debilitating for both young athletes and less active elderly individuals. It can start as a sudden hip joint pain, which may result from a fracture of the bones of the hip. Trauma from sports activities or vehicular accidents are the usual reasons for hip fractures in young adults, while weak bones from osteoporosis are more common in the elderly, especially in women.

Another common hip problem is arthritis hip pain, which may be due to aging, as in the case of osteoarthritis, or an immune disorder, which is associated with rheumatoid arthritis. These conditions often manifest as chronic lower back and hip pain.

Since the hip joint bears the weight of the upper body and is designed to withstand repeated movements from walking and running, it is subject to wear-and-tear, and its structures are vulnerable to injury from constant use. A chronic hip joint pain may be due to inflammation from damage of structures inside the joint or outside the joint, in the surrounding structures. Worn cartilages, torn muscles, over stretched tendons and inflamed bursae (fluid-filled pockets) may cause a constant, aching hip pain.

Hip Joint Pain Treatment

In most cases, home remedies for hip pain can help improve your symptoms. Resting from your usual activities, applying hot and cold compress, and taking over-the-counter pain medications can give temporary relief for hip pain. However, if your symptoms do not improve, it is best to get a proper hip pain diagnosis from a doctor.

A chiropractor for hip pain may also help alleviate hip pain through their expertise in joint stabilisation and alignment. Consult an experienced chiropractor for hip joint pain exercises and treatment.



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